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Welcome to the spicy end of the amateur game development universe. If you’re up for some wacky free fun, our games might just be what you’re looking for. And if you ever wanted to make games yourself, you shouldn’t miss our gamedev section. All our technology is there for you to use and learn from.  HAVE FUN!

Deep Space Lawyer Adventure!

Adventure games? You mean those things in the 80s? Right. But this is different. You just happen to be a crazy lawsuit fresh from Interstellar Law School. It’s up to you, whether you’ll protect the innocent or issue the worst scum bags of the galaxy with one-way tickets to jail.

Get involved in two intriguing cases, playable from both the defense and prosecution. The creative and wacky piece of gaming bringing a twist to the now forgotten genre of adventure games.

Multiplayer Destruction Mayhem!

Bomberman must be one of the best arcade games. And so we couldn’t help ourselves not to create our own version of the bomb dropping, explosion mayhem. And while the original was cutie cute, Bomboholic jumps straight back to the fifties, returning with the classical giant-monster-city-destruction movie theme.

Great multiplayer fun, 8 funky characters, 2 themes and millions of level (for you to create and share). When this baby hits the LAN, nobody’s left free from addiction.